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Commercial Roofing Services for Your Property

For a durable roof that can stand up to the elements, look no further than a built-up roof. This roofing structure is a great option for those in areas with high rainfall. That is all dependent on the installation, though. To guarantee quality installation for built-up roofing in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, rely on Greenco Construction Services. We can install a built-up roof on your commercial building in no time. Call us at 469-858-2448 to get started.

Built-Up Roof Installation, Repairs, and More

What actually is a built-up roof? For commercial roofing purposes, built-up roofing is a system of materials, layered together to create durable and long-lasting results. This structure will be the most beneficial on flat or low-sloping roofs. You can usually tell if you have a built-up roof by the top layer. Often, the last layer of a built-up roof is gravel, which helps with water retention and distribution.

If you don’t have one, but you are interested in a built-up roof installation, then it’s time to contact Greenco Construction Services. We are the leading roofing company in your area, specializing in built-up roofing services. Our roofing contractors can expertly install your new roof in no time. We use the best materials sourced from the finest manufacturing companies across the country. During installation, we take our time making sure that everything is installed and prepped correctly for the next layer. In doing so, we complete jobs efficiently, accurately, and professionally.

Later on, when your roof is a little older, feel free to contact us again for built-up roof repairs as well. We understand that aging and constant exposure to the elements will affect your roof. We also understand that repairs and maintenance are inevitable. Let us help with built-up roof repairs as well as any installation needs.

Gravel Built Up Roofing

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To ensure you have the best roofing on your commercial, and even your residential, property only trust Greenco Construction Services. We use the best quality materials and our years of experience to expertly complete any and every job. Find out why so many clients choose us for their commercial roofing needs, including built-up roofing in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. Call 469-858-2448 to make an appointment today.