Modified Bitumen Roofing

A Completed Modified Bitumen Roofing Installation

The Standard in Commercial Roofing

Do you own a building with a flat roof? Have you been trying to figure out what is the best option for you? If you’re struggling to determine what may be the best roofing option for your commercial property, why not give Greenco Construction Services a call? We can consult with you and go over your options for roofing, financing, and more. We’ll give you insight about the different commercial materials and their benefits, like modified bitumen roofing. So if you are needing a modified bitumen replacement or you are just interested in modified bitumen roofing in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, call us at 469-858-2448 today.

Modified Bitumen Services

What actually is modified bitumen? This material is a type of asphalt roofing with asphalt or felt like top layer and a rubberized bottom layer. It can be installed with either heat or cool sources and can generally be installed over any other roofing structure, so long as it is in good condition. Modified bitumen has been a long-standing staple in commercial and flat roofing. It is durable, reliable, and consistently dependable even in some of the harshest climate conditions. If you are considering a modified bitumen installation, then Greenco Construction Services is the team to rely on. We have years of hands-on experience with all kinds of industrial and commercial roofing, including modified bitumen. It is one of the many materials our contractors know inside and out.

Modified bitumen roofing is one of the better options for commercial and specifically flat roofing. That’s because it doesn’t absorb or retain water during storms. And it won’t break down if there is inadequate drainage and water ponding occurs. That being said, this material is not indestructible and can still be damaged. When that happens, call our team for modified bitumen repairs. We can expertly and efficiently repair your roof as if the damage never even happened.

Rolls of Modified Bitumen Roofing

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