Roofing Hail Damage Repair

Collection of Hail on Roof Needing roof Hail Damage Repair

Address Hail Damage Repair as Soon as Possible

Storm season in Texas can bring lots of rain and lots of hail. We are one of the few states to experience hail which means that we have learned to be prepared. It’s important to not wait too long to schedule appointments for roof hail damage repair in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. Rely on Greenco Construction Services when you need at storm damage or emergency repair. Call us today at 469-858-2448 to get started.

Hail Damage Repair, Big and Small

What actually constitutes hail damage? Hail can vary in size, from about a pea-sized all the way to the size of a softball! When storms hit, hail can be one of the strongest forces to be aware of. It can also fall down with speeds up to 120 mph.

In terms of your home, the size of the hail will dictate whether your roof received damage. Pea sized hail (¼ inch) or marble-sized hail (½ inch) will most likely cause any damage. When hail is closer to the size of a quarter (1 inch) and even the size of a golf-ball (1 ¾ inch), then you run into the danger area. While the damage may not be severe, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your roof looked at. Doing so will ensure your roof is in good condition and if it isn’t, you can get ahead of minor problems before they become bigger issues.

Signs of Hail Damage

How can you know your roof is damaged by hail? More often than not, hail damage is actually difficult to identify without being directly on the roof. If you are comfortable getting up onto your roof, though, there are a few things to look for.

  • Granules Everywhere: One thing to look for, that you don’t need to be on the roof for, is granules. Asphalt shingles are coated with layers and layers of coarse, light-reflective granules. If you see a hazy layer of gray on your sidewalk, the granules may have been knocked off your roof by hail.
  • Bruising or Holes: If you are on the roof, pay attention to black or dark spots on your shingles. This is referred to as bruising because it can appear as though your roof is bruised. Pieces of hail that are just smaller than 1 inch can produce these effects.
  • Broken Shingles: When the weather goes from warm to cold, drastically and hail occurs, your shingles can freeze and become frigid. Then when hail comes plummeting in, your shingles can easily be cracked and broken by the impact. You’ll see broken or missing pieces of your shingles after the fact.
  • Dented Gutters: Another thing you don’t have to be on the roof to look for are dents in your gutters. Hail of any size can cause damage to your gutters and fascia. You’ll be able to see this in the form of dents or dark marks, especially if your gutters are lighter in color.

Identifying hail damage on your own roof can be a difficult process. The best way to handle identifying or detecting hail damage would be to schedule an inspection. Greenco Construction Services can work with you to find any potential damage. We also work with our clients that may be filing insurance claims. Our roofers can inspect and provide repair estimates as needed.

Measuring Hail After Roof Hail Damage Repair

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