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Being in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, industrial and commercial roofing are very prevalent in our community. That is why Greenco Construction Services has made a point to learn and master as much as we can regarding that type of roofing. Most roofers will not have the chance to work on or experience industrial or non-traditional roofing structures. Because of that, when the time does come to work on one, they will be inexperienced and could create more problems than solutions. When you need an industrial roofing contractor in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, rely on us. We are the leading experts you need for any kind of industrial roofing need. Call us at 469-858-2448 to get started.

What is Non-Traditional Roofing?

Industrial roofing and non-traditional roofing often refer to similar roofing structures. The two structures are not seen very frequently by most roofing companies, which means that most roofers have little to no experience with them. But what is non-traditional roofing? This is often a structure that doesn’t resemble traditional residential or commercial roofing. It also doesn’t always require the same materials, making it challenging for some to identify the best choices. That is exactly why Greenco Construction Services is here. We have years of experience from apartment and hotel roofing to roofing for office spaces. Our team has worked on just about every industrial or non-traditional roofing structure there is and we want to help you.

Roofing for Churches

Roofing for Churches

Church roofing is one of the best examples we can provide for non-traditional roofing. There are many elements to this roof that set it apart from residential and even commercial roofing. Things like parapets, concealed gutters, steeples, and more make this structure more challenging for inexperienced roofers. That is why you need to rely on Greenco Construction Services. We have years of experience with these types of roofing structures. From installation to complete replacement services, we can do it all.

Roofing for Agricultural Buildings

Roofing for Agricultural Buildings

Another example of industrial or roofing is that of agricultural roofing. While it may seem similar to a commercial roof, agricultural roofing needs to do much more. Materials for these roofs need to be able to withstand regular exposure to smoke, chemicals, grease, and more. It also needs to be able to handle extreme or drastic temperature changes. Since there is often large amounts of square footage to cover, an agricultural roofing project needs a team that can work together efficiently and accurately. That is where Greenco Construction Services comes in. 

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Industrial and non-traditional roofing aren’t a nightmare to own, especially when you have a great roofing team to rely on. Trust Greenco Construction Services when you need any kind of industrial roofing job completed on your building. We are the experienced and dedicated team you need. Our contractors are able to efficiently install, repair, or replace just about any material on your roof. Want to know more? Give us a call at 469-858-2448 to speak with an industrial roofing contractor in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.