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Single Ply Roofing Options

If you are interested in a way to inexpensively update your commercial or flat roofing, then TPO is the way to go. It is a cheaper alternative to options like EPDM and PVC, which is just as effective. You can experience all the same benefits of a single ply roofing structure with TPO. Want to learn more? Contact Greenco Construction Services today at 469-858-2448 to discuss TPO roofing in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. We can consult with you about the best option for your property.

TPO Installation Services

TPO is a shorter way of saying thermoplastic polyolefin. Like EPDM, this is a single ply roofing membrane that is quickly becoming popular with commercial and flat roofing owners. The best way to describe it is kind of like a thinner, but still effective version of EPDM. It can be installed over basically any other roofing material to create a protective and long-lasting barrier.

It’s important when considering any single ply membrane, even TPO, to have a team of roofers that know how to install them. This material, while very easy to install, can be just as easy to mess up. To avoid that, work with Greenco Construction Services. We have expert knowledge regarding installation as well as TPO replacement needs.

When considering TPO as a roofing option, there are many advantages you could experience. We’ve already mentioned it, but this material is very easy to install. Our Greenco Construction Services roofers can sometimes even install TPO to a roof in less than a day. It is also just as easy for us to complete a TPO roof repair when needed. No matter if you need an installation, replacement, or repair service, you are guaranteed a reliable roof when you work with Greenco Construction Services.

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Whether you need industrial or commercial roofing, Greenco Construction Services has the team to rely on. Our contractors can easily install any single ply roofing membrane to your building, usually in less than a day if the weather permits. We are dedicated to providing quality service for both roofing and for our customers. Call us today, 469-858-2448, to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment for TPO roofing in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.