Is a Leaking Roof an Emergency?

A Ceiling Damaged by a Roof Leak.

Is a leaking roof an emergency?

A roof leak at anytime is a problem, and can create an emergency situation, especially when the leak occurs during a storm. A leak that opens up suddenly during a storm is definitely an emergency that requires emergency roof repair. Of course, when you call out professionals during an emergency, it may take time for them to get to your home. This can leave you to wonder, “What to do if roof is leaking during storm?” If your roof has begun to leak when there is a storm or heavy rain, you’ll want to get the leak repaired as soon as possible. While you wait for professionals to arrive to make the repair, there are some steps you can take to lessen the damage.

Before you do anything else, start inside your home. The leak has probably formed a puddle in your attic or on your ceiling and may be dripping from there or is coming through a heating register or a light fixture. If water is trapped in the ceiling or you notice a bulge in the drywall, you can poke a hole in the center with a sharp instrument like a screwdriver to let the water drain. This will lessen the damage to the ceiling and divert the leak to one stream. If you can, it’s preferable to collect the water in a trash container that has wheels so the water can be easily removed.  

Afterward, you need to find the source of the leak. The best bet is usually in the attic. Leaks normally flow from the roof decking to the nearest joint or along rafters. You can trace the leak from a joint or rafter to its source in the decking. Once the leak’s source has been discovered, you’ll have to wait until the rain lets up and go outside and cover the damaged area of the roof with a tarp.

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How do you cover a leaking roof?

If you have a tarp available you can prevent a leak from causing extensive damage to your roof, your attic and the rest of your home. As a temporary emergency roof repair measure, you can place a tarp over the roof until a repair professional arrives. The tarp must be large enough to cover the damaged area of the roof, preferably long enough to extend over the ridge line to keep water from running under the tarp. It’s also preferable to secure the tarp with 2 by 4s. If you staple or nail the tarp to the boards make sure the nails aren’t long enough to go through the roof.

You may wonder, “How much does it cost to tarp a roof?” If you don’t have a tarp, but want to cover the roof yourself, you can buy one at a hardware store or other retail outlet for about $60 to $90. If you are unable to place the tarp on the roof yourself, a roofing professional can do it for about $200 to $400. The cost will vary depending on the damage.

Making temporary repairs can save you money. You might even save enough for tankless water heater installation so you can get unlimited hot water.

How do I temporarily fix a leaky roof?

Making a temporary repair for a roof leak may be necessary before professionals get to you for an emergency roof repair. If you have the right tools, including a tarp, the repairs can be fairly simple.

  • Begin by covering the damaged area with a tarp that’s large enough to cover over the damaged area along with the ridge line. Weigh the tarp down with boards.
  • Make quick fixes of loose, missing, or curling shingles. Soften curled shingles with a heat gun and glued them down with roofing cement. Slide loose shingles back into place and nail them down. Cut sheet metal into shingles to temporarily fill in for missing shingles. 
  • Cover punctures with a sheet of plywood.

Emergency roof repair kit

When you make a temporary emergency roof repair, you’ll need the right tools and materials. Keep the following on hand to make repairs:

  • Adhesive patches of different sizes that can be immediately placed over holes.
  • Sealant is used between roofing components or to affix patches over holes.
  • Use duct tape instead of sealant or to hold rubber sheets in place.
  • Use rubber sheets as temporary covering for large holes.
  • Use tarps to cover major damage and prevent further damage from leaks.

Emergency flat roof repair

If you have a commercial building with a flat roof in need of an emergency roof repair, these repairs will be different than with a pitched roof. It’s usually best if a professional with commercial roofing experience makes the repair. The repairs will require a specialized sealing compound that will make a temporary patch until the storm clears.

An Emergency Roof Repair Underway.

Emergency roof repair near me

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