Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Wide Shot of Panels for Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Metal is Coming to Residential Neighborhoods

If you are interested in a snap-lock metal roof, then why not also consider a standing seam metal roof? Either option is a great investment for residential properties. Homeowners that are looking for a roof that will provide durability and reliability will not be disappointed by choosing a standing seam metal roof installation in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. Call Greenco Construction Services, 469-858-2448, for more information.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Repairs and More

A standing seam roof is a variation of the snap lock metal roof. Like snap lock, this structure has hidden fasteners and concealed clips. What’s the difference between the two? There really isn’t that much variation in terms of manufacturing or installation. But, standing seam roofing will often be found on roofs with a higher pitch. Residential roofs with a lower or gentle slope will benefit more from a snap lock, while higher pitch roofs will benefit from a standing seam metal roof installation in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

For a quality and reliable roof installation, you need a quality and reliable team. Greenco Construction Services has been around for several years now. We have a staff of experienced and dedicated roofers that can easily install a standing seam roof on your home. Our contractors have the necessary experience to install metal roofing because you do need someone with experience. One of the major drawbacks of pursuing metal roofing is the fact that there are few roofing contractors that actually know how to install or repair a metal roof. That is why you need to work with Greenco Construction Services. Our roofing contractors know how to install a metal roof and even how to complete standing seam metal roof repairs.

While there are some drawbacks, there are even more advantages to a standing seam metal roof. Probably one of the best benefits of a metal roof, especially a standing seam metal roof, is it can actually be installed directly over your existing roof. This would be considered a standing seam metal roof replacement, which would replace your current roof without needing to remove it. Doing so can actually help save you quite a bit of money.

Completed Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

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