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Storm Damage is No Joke

Living and working in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area, we know how drastically the weather can change. We also know that filing a roof damage claim can feel overwhelming. That is exactly why Greenco Construction Services offers help with any roof insurance claim in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. We know that our residential and commercial clients in Texas and Louisiana may need help making heads and tails of repair estimates and more. Our contractors are licensed to provide the help you need. Call us at 469-858-2448 to learn more about our other storm damage services.

Roof Storm Damage Claim Assistance

Dealing with an insurance claim is stressful enough, but then you add the loss of a roof? That can make everything feel more daunting and seemingly impossible. Which is exactly why Greenco Construction Services is here. Though we are primarily a roofing repair company, we know that there is more to do for our clients.

All of our roofers and contractors are licensed to assist with a roof storm damage claim. What does that mean for you? It means we can provide a whole host of services that other companies can’t. Our roofers can complete a roof inspection after wind, hail, or any other storm damage. We’ll compile a detailed report that you can then hand over to your insurance provider. The report will go over our findings, the extent of the damage, what caused it, and what we believe it will cost to repair the damages.

More than that, a Greenco Construction Services contractor can actually review an estimate report from your insurance carrier. If you feel they are not offering a fair price or their repair estimates are too low, you can call us. We can take a look at the report and communicate with your insurance provider about possible costs. No matter what stage you are in with a roof damage claim, we can help.

Hail Damaged Roof Needing a Roof Insurance Claim

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Don’t feel overwhelmed when filing a roof storm damage claim. Let Greenco Construction Services help. We can assist you through the entire claims process as you need it. Reach out to us at 469-858-2448 to learn more about our services, such as help with a roof insurance claim in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. Our contractors can provide the necessary assistance that you may need.