Roof Leak Repair

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Dealing With a Roof Leak

Do you need roof leak repair in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX? Roof damage is serious and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Leaks need to be addressed even sooner. A roof leak, to any degree, can wreak severe damage to your roof and home. The damage can lead to mold, rot, and more – all of which will be more expensive and time-consuming than the actual leak repair. For reliable repair services, contact Greenco Construction Services. We can expertly patch your roof to prevent further damage. We’re available now at 469-858-2448.

Why do You Need Roof Leak Repairs?

Repairing leaks in your roof is essential for maintaining its structural integrity. When water is allowed to continuously enter your home, it can lead to serious problems. Mold growth and wood rot are only two of the many problems you can face with a roof leak. It’s important to repair leaks as soon as possible, but it’s also important to know what caused the leak. There are many things that can result in a roof leak, such as old age or damage. Knowing what actually caused a leak in the first place can better help your contractor repair your roof. Scheduling inspections with a company like Greenco Construction Services can help you stay on top of damage, repairs, and avoid leaks.

So, what are a few of the common causes of roof leaks?

Hail Damage

Hail Damage

Probably the number one culprit behind roof leaks is hail damage. Regularly, damage caused by hail goes unnoticed and undetected. This means parts of your roof are exposed to the elements and when another storm hits, the rain has an easier chance of getting into your home. It is usually during a rainstorm when anyone begins to notice a leak. Hail can damage several areas of your roofing including the flashing, gutters, and even the fascia.

Wind Damage

Wind Damage

The wind can result in quite a bit of damage to your roof. During hurricane season, there is a great chance of shingles being lifted off of a roof because of the high winds. Even outside of hurricane season, this is still an issue with bad storms. When the winds are strong enough, shingles can be removed, bent, and seriously damaged. If your roof is not repaired or not addressed, a leak can occur. Similar to what may happen with hail damage. In either case, extensive damage to a roof that is not repaired can result in a leak.

Damage or Rusted Flashing

Damage or Rusted Flashing

An area that can commonly result in roof leaks is actually the roof flashing. During installation, metal flashing is installed around protrusions and at intersections. This is done to provide adequate water drainage, but when the flashing is damaged, the water may not drain. If it becomes broken or rusted, water can seep under the shingles and into your home. Damaged flashing is not something many homeowners think to look for, which is why professional roofing inspections are so important.

Pieces of Hail That Can Cause Damage and Need Roof Leak Repair

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