What is Standing Seam Metal Roof?

silver standing seam metal roof

Learn More About a Standing Seam Metal Roof

The great thing about metal roofing is that they can come in many forms which can provide an attractive distinction to your home or business. Standing seam metal roofs are a popular design that many choose to go with due to the symmetry and streamlined look that it provides. Metal roofing is a superior roofing option that will last for decades with many protective benefits, however it’s best to get familiar with the different design elements as seen with a standing seam metal roof. It’ll ultimately be best to contact your local roofing company for further details relevant to your property. Until then, here’s some general background information regarding a standing seam metal roof that may prove useful to you.

What does standing seam metal roof mean?

A standing seam metal roof consists of metal panel systems that have vertical legs or raised seams with flat areas of metal between them. These types of metal roofs will typically have the panels run vertically up the roof. The prominent visual of the raised seams are what gives this style of the roof its name.

How are standing seam metal roofs attached?

Standing seam metal roofs are attached with concealed fasters or raised interlocking seams that join one panel to the next. 

What is the difference between standing seam vs corrugated metal roofs?

The difference between a corrugated metal roof and a standing seam metal roof is that corrugated describe anything on the surface which is shaped into alternate grooves or ridges. While a corrugated metal roof has interlocking rippled metal sheets a standing seam metal roof will be constructed to have interlocking metal panels that run from the ridge of the roof to the eaves.

How long do standing seam metal roofs last?

A standing seam metal roof will be able to last from between 30-50 years and must be installed and maintained correctly with proper care in order to last for a longer amount of time. 

What is the best gauge for a metal roof?

The best gauge for a standing seam metal roof will depend on where you live. For areas prone with high winds 24 gauge metal roofing is recommended as this is a thicker option that can hold up against such wether. The thinnest metal that’s recommended for homes, in general, is 29 gauge and shouldn’t get thinner than that. 

What is the best color for a metal roof?

In order to maintain energy efficiency, it’s always best to go for lighter roofing color options in order to reflect sun and heat. Light metal colors that are good options for this can be beige, white, peach, light bronze, light blue, or green which work well with hotter climates or regions with lots of sun. 

standing seam metal roof

What colors do metal roofs come in?

Popular Metal Roof Colors

  • Dark Bronze
  • Galvalume Plus
  • Matte Black
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Medium Bronze
  • Slate Gray
  • Regal White
  • Mansard Brown
  • Colonial Red
  • Copper Metallic

Can you put standing seam metal roof over shingles?

Although metal roofing can be applied directly over asphalt shingles it’s not recommended to place a standing seam metal roof material over existing shingles. There can be a “telegraphing effect” where the shingles can punch horizontal lines into the standing seam panels. Another issue is that asphalt shingles are covered with stone granules and with the metals natural expansion and contraction with temperature changes the metal will rub the underside of the panel against these stones. Over time the protective coating of even galvalume of G-90 galvanized steel will wear off which can invite rust spots throughout the roof. In order to avoid these issues consider removing previous shingles and making sure there aren’t any nails sticking out from the roof deck before installing a standing seam metal roof.

Will insurance cover a metal roof?

Depending on your insurance policy and company, typically with a standing seam metal roof as well as other metal roofs, cosmetic damages will be excluded be they caused by hail or fallen trees. The reasoning behind this is that most carriers don’t wish to pay for roofs that look damaged but are in fact still structurally sound. Get in touch with your insurance company to discuss more about any clarifications with your policy.

Warranty On Standing Seam Metal Roof

A standing seam metal roof or metal roofs, in general, will come with different warranties depending on the company that you go with and roof materials. Some may measure warranties based on years from the date of the installation like with a 40-year warranty, while others may cover repairs up to a dollar amount. For example, if the original roof cost $30,00 for both materials and installation they would cover up to $30,000 worth of repairs

Reach Out to Your Local Qualified Roofers

If you’re looking to install a standing seam metal roof contact your local roofing company for assistance. They will be able to properly determine the right materials, sizes, colors, and gauges based on where you live and your given property specifications. A standing seam metal roof is a great way to have your property protected from outside elements while providing an attractive modern design. Get in touch with your local roofer to get started.

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