What Is the Best Tile for Roofing?

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What is the best tile for roofing?

With so many types of tile roofing available, you’ll want to find what type is best for your home. People’s needs will vary when it comes to roofing. No matter what kind of tile you choose, you can expect roofing that is aesthetically appealing as well as durable and fire- and extreme weather-resistant.

Most people choose between clay, concrete, or ceramic tiles. Each type of tile has its pros and cons. Concrete tiles are some of the most cost-effective, but are also relatively heavy so they will need reinforced framing for the home to support them. They are also prone to water stains and mildew because of water absorption.

Clay tiles, on the other hand, are heavy and expensive, but you can expect them to last a century or more and are extremely energy efficient, enhancing air flow and UV reflection. They are difficult to install but easy to maintain.

Ceramic tile is the most versatile. It’s used in roofing as well as for showers, walls, and backsplashes. It’s also highly moisture-resistant and energy efficient. Ceramic tile, however, is expensive to install.

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Is a tile roof better than shingles?

When you’re installing a new roof and you’re considering replacing your shingles with tile roofing you’re going to benefit greatly from the tile. The primary drawbacks to tile are cost and weight.

The benefits of tile include:

  • Lifespan: Depending on the type of tile you choose, you can expect your tile roof to last at least 50 years. Some will last a century or more. Shingle roofing under the best of circumstances lasts about 25 years.
  • Fewer maintenance concerns: Although tiles can be cracked or otherwise damaged, they are often simpler to repair, especially clay tiles, which can be replaced individually. Tile also weathers better and survives storms better than shingles.
  • Aesthetic appeal: While more and more shingle roofs are becoming more versatile when it comes to style and color, people tend to still prefer tile for its aesthetic appeal.

Does a tile roof add value to your home?

Although tile roofing is often expensive to install, it often adds a great deal of value to your home, especially as a long-term investment. Most new roofs will add value to your home if you are putting it on the market, but tile roofs tend to have a strong appeal because they last so long, look so good, and have so few maintenance requirements. These traits appeal to buyers.

Are tile roofs more expensive to insure?

While it can be expensive to replace tile roofing, insurers recognize performance when it comes to insuring roofs, and tile is considered high performance because it offers such good protection, especially from extreme weather and fire. Tile is also well-insulation. Insurers like these qualities and often charge less for tile than asphalt shingle roofing or wood. As far as insurance goes, only metal roofing tends to rival tile when it comes to lowering costs.

How long will tile roofing last?

Whether you install clay, concrete, or slate tile, you’re going to get a roof that’s long-lasting. At a minimum, you can expect at least 50 years out of your tile roof. Clay tiles have been known to last 100 years or more, while slate tiles have been known to last 150 years or more.

Do tile roofs leak?

All roofs are susceptible to leaks, but tile roofing is less susceptible than most. With tile, roof leaks typically occur either because of incorrect installation, poor-quality tile, or problems with flashing. Age and maintenance can also play a role.

One of the best ways to protect your tile roof from leaks is by having adequate flashing. Top flashing is especially important. Adding this type of flashing will direct water away from leak-prone areas as well as protect your underlayment from decay. You can add this type of flashing at any time.

Tile roofing drainage

Tile roofs are unique when it comes to drainage. While most roofing materials rely on the top surface of the roof for drainage, tile relies on its underlayment. It’s essential, then, to have durable and correctly installed underlayment. If building codes allow it, when it comes to tile roofs, two layers of underlayment are preferred. Anytime the underlayment of a tile roof is punctured or otherwise damaged, it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible to maintain drainage capabilities.

Can you paint tile roofing?

If your tile roofing is looking faded or you simply want to change its look, it is OK to paint this type of material. Before the tile is painted, however, any damaged tiles will need to be repaired, and the whole surface of the roof will need to be cleaned. An oil-based primer will also need to be added before the roof is painted. Acrylic-based paints are preferred as these will be much longer-lasting.

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