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Can Asphalt Shingles Be Repaired?

A Roofer Removes Damaged Shingles.

Can asphalt shingles be repaired

Are you seeing cracked shingles on your roof? Are your shingles missing granules or have divots in them from a hail storm? If so, you may be wondering about asphalt shingle repair. The simple answer is, “Yes.” In fact, the quicker you repair your asphalt shingles, the better. When you repair your shingles, especially if your roof is in otherwise good shape, you’ll avoid problems like leaks that can lead to extensive costly repairs or even premature replacement.

If you’re noticing problems or think you have roof damage, get a professional roofer like those at Greenco Construction Services to inspect your roof. Our reliable professionals can determine whether or not you need to repair or replace your roof. We’re experts at asphalt shingle repair and replacement in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. To find out how we can help or schedule a service appointment call us at 469-858-2448.

Will roof leak with one shingle missing?

Whether you’ve had high winds blow shingles off or they’ve gone missing from wear and tear, you want to get asphalt shingle repair as soon as possible. Missing shingles can lead to more serious problems like leaks, and a roof leak unchecked can be costly. Even if just one shingle is missing, you’re at risk of leaks. 

Whenever a shingle goes missing, often just one tab of the 3-tab shingle has been torn off. While this may not sound all that bad, there’s a 1 in 3 chance that the shingle was on an open seam between the shingles below it. If that’s the case, you don’t have a shingle available to shed water, and that’s just inviting a roof leak the next time it rains, or sooner. You may not see water leaking immediately because the roof felt will provide temporary protection. Eventually, the water will find its way past the felt and you’ll get a leak.

How do you fix cracked shingles?

Along with missing shingles, cracked shingles are another common problem requiring asphalt shingle repair. Getting cracked shingles repaired quickly is the key to preventing costly problems in the future. If you have the right tools and skills, you can make the repair yourself. To repair cracked shingles yourself, follow the easy steps below.

Asphalt shingle repair do it yourself:

  • A thick bead of roofing sealant is applied under the crack.
  • Press the shingle down over the sealant.
  • A second bead of sealant is then applied over the crack.
  • Use a putty to spread the sealant over the crack.

If you don’t have the tools or skills, or have a steep-sloped roof, even a simple repair can be unsafe to make. When you are uncertain about making repairs, get help from a professional like Greenco Construction Services.

Asphalt roof repair kit

When you need to a simple asphalt shingle repair, whether you’re replacing a missing shingle or repairing cracked shingles, you’ll want to have the right tools available to make the repairs. Among the tools you’ll want to have handy include:

  • Sealant
  • A caulking gun to apply sealant
  • Hammer
  • Flat pry bar
  • Utility knife
  • Roofing nails

Can I replace my roof myself?

If your roof is more than 20 years old or there has been severe damage, you may need more than asphalt shingle repair. A roof replacement may be in order. While minor repairs like fixing a cracked shingle or replacing a missing shingle can often be done yourself, Greenco Construction Services recommends you not try to replace the whole roof yourself. Roof replacement is a major construction task and definitely requires more than one person to handle, especially if you want to get the job done right and fast. 

How much does it cost to repair asphalt shingle roof?

Asphalt shingle repair costs will vary, depending on how serious the repair is. You could pay as little as $150, or even less, for a minor repair like fixing cracked shingles. On the other hand, if you need to make moderate repairs, you’ll pay anywhere between $400 to $1,000, while a major repair could cost anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000. If repair costs begin to exceed $3,000, you may want to consider a roof replacement, because you’ll save money in the long run.

How can I get my insurance to pay for my roof?

If you need asphalt shingle repair, you may be able to get help from your insurance policy. Before you get repairs, you want to check your insurance policy. Many times really serious damage will be covered if it is a covered peril such as a fire or hailstorm. Your insurance won’t cover you if the repairs are needed because you’ve neglected maintenance on your roof. 

Once you’ve checked your policy, call a reliable roofer like Greenco Construction Services to inspect the roof. The roofer can confirm the damage and draw up an estimate that you can give to your insurer when you file a claim. If the damage is caused by a covered peril and the repair amount is over your deductible, your insurance company should cover the claim. Again, check with your insurance company to verify your policy.

A Roofer Installs Asphalt Shingles.

Asphalt roof repair contractors

If you have roof damage and need asphalt shingle repair in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, you can count on the experienced professionals at Greenco Construction Services. We offer a complete range of roofing solutions. Find out how we can help or schedule a service appointment with us by calling 469-858-2448.

Is a Leaking Roof an Emergency?

A Ceiling Damaged by a Roof Leak.

Is a leaking roof an emergency?

A roof leak at anytime is a problem, and can create an emergency situation, especially when the leak occurs during a storm. A leak that opens up suddenly during a storm is definitely an emergency that requires emergency roof repair. Of course, when you call out professionals during an emergency, it may take time for them to get to your home. This can leave you to wonder, “What to do if roof is leaking during storm?” If your roof has begun to leak when there is a storm or heavy rain, you’ll want to get the leak repaired as soon as possible. While you wait for professionals to arrive to make the repair, there are some steps you can take to lessen the damage.

Before you do anything else, start inside your home. The leak has probably formed a puddle in your attic or on your ceiling and may be dripping from there or is coming through a heating register or a light fixture. If water is trapped in the ceiling or you notice a bulge in the drywall, you can poke a hole in the center with a sharp instrument like a screwdriver to let the water drain. This will lessen the damage to the ceiling and divert the leak to one stream. If you can, it’s preferable to collect the water in a trash container that has wheels so the water can be easily removed.  

Afterward, you need to find the source of the leak. The best bet is usually in the attic. Leaks normally flow from the roof decking to the nearest joint or along rafters. You can trace the leak from a joint or rafter to its source in the decking. Once the leak’s source has been discovered, you’ll have to wait until the rain lets up and go outside and cover the damaged area of the roof with a tarp.

Anytime you need emergency roof repair in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, you’ll find the team at Greenco Construction Services highly responsive. We provide fast, effective repairs and can be reached 24/7 at 469-858-2448.

How do you cover a leaking roof?

If you have a tarp available you can prevent a leak from causing extensive damage to your roof, your attic and the rest of your home. As a temporary emergency roof repair measure, you can place a tarp over the roof until a repair professional arrives. The tarp must be large enough to cover the damaged area of the roof, preferably long enough to extend over the ridge line to keep water from running under the tarp. It’s also preferable to secure the tarp with 2 by 4s. If you staple or nail the tarp to the boards make sure the nails aren’t long enough to go through the roof.

You may wonder, “How much does it cost to tarp a roof?” If you don’t have a tarp, but want to cover the roof yourself, you can buy one at a hardware store or other retail outlet for about $60 to $90. If you are unable to place the tarp on the roof yourself, a roofing professional can do it for about $200 to $400. The cost will vary depending on the damage.

Making temporary repairs can save you money. You might even save enough for tankless water heater installation so you can get unlimited hot water.

How do I temporarily fix a leaky roof?

Making a temporary repair for a roof leak may be necessary before professionals get to you for an emergency roof repair. If you have the right tools, including a tarp, the repairs can be fairly simple.

  • Begin by covering the damaged area with a tarp that’s large enough to cover over the damaged area along with the ridge line. Weigh the tarp down with boards.
  • Make quick fixes of loose, missing, or curling shingles. Soften curled shingles with a heat gun and glued them down with roofing cement. Slide loose shingles back into place and nail them down. Cut sheet metal into shingles to temporarily fill in for missing shingles. 
  • Cover punctures with a sheet of plywood.

Emergency roof repair kit

When you make a temporary emergency roof repair, you’ll need the right tools and materials. Keep the following on hand to make repairs:

  • Adhesive patches of different sizes that can be immediately placed over holes.
  • Sealant is used between roofing components or to affix patches over holes.
  • Use duct tape instead of sealant or to hold rubber sheets in place.
  • Use rubber sheets as temporary covering for large holes.
  • Use tarps to cover major damage and prevent further damage from leaks.

Emergency flat roof repair

If you have a commercial building with a flat roof in need of an emergency roof repair, these repairs will be different than with a pitched roof. It’s usually best if a professional with commercial roofing experience makes the repair. The repairs will require a specialized sealing compound that will make a temporary patch until the storm clears.

An Emergency Roof Repair Underway.

Emergency roof repair near me

If you need 24 hour emergency roof repair in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, count on the professionals at Greenco Construction Services. We offer fast, effective repair around the clock. Find out how we can help by calling 469-858-2448.

Does a Metal Roof Increase Home Value?

standing seam metal roof

Updating Your Home and Property

Depending on how long you have had your home, it may be time to consider a new roof. Updating or replacing the roof on your home when it’s time will ensure you have a well-structured and well-protected property. One option that is showing up on more and more residential properties is actually metal. Metal roofing, which has usually been reserved for commercial properties, is becoming popular as a residential roofing choice for a number of reasons. To learn more about a standing seam metal roof for your Dallas and Fort Worth, TX property, contact Greenco Construction Services. We’re available at 469-858-2448

under a standing seam metal roof

Benefits of a Standing Seam Metal Roof

If you have been considering a metal roof or just wondering how does a standing seam metal roof work, we are here to help! Metal roofing has become increasingly popular for residential properties everywhere. It’s an innovative way to update your home while also providing multiple benefits. 

  • Easy Installation: If you have been wondering how is a standing seam metal roof installed, it’s much easier than you might think. This ease of installation makes it very popular for both homeowners and contractors. 
  • Low Maintenance: Metal roofing, in general, is very low maintenance. When it is installed correctly, maintenance will only need to happen when it’s ultimately necessary. You won’t have to worry about shingle peeling up or becoming damaged. 
  • Longevity: Metal will also last longer than most other roofing materials. Options such as aluminum or steel generally last upwards of 75-years or longer! And most manufacturing companies offer 50-year warranties for their product. 
  • Durable: This structure is very durable and able to withstand much more than the average roof. Metal can handle exposure to wind, rain, smoke, sun, and more. It won’t crack, break, bend, bubble, or rust thanks to the concealed fasteners. 
  • Appearance: For residential properties, a standing seam roof is simply beautiful. There is a clean and maintained appearance that can’t be matched by other materials. It will also add a significant amount of value to your property as well. 

Many homeowners feel disappointed because these benefits aren’t always readily available after installation. In order to experience many of these advantages, you will need to have a roof for a few months at least. After that time, you’ll start to see the savings in many of your bills. You can even use the money saved from your roofing installation on things like furnace repair and more!

Standing Seam Metal Roof vs Asphalt Shingles

Many homeowners want to know if a metal roof is really better than a shingle roof. Initially, a standing seam metal roof costs more than an asphalt shingle one. Based on this comparison alone, many homeowners choose shingles because the initial costs seem too steep. However, many studies have shown that in today’s market, metal roofing and asphalt shingle roofing can cost about the same once everything is said and done. In fact, metal roofing may even cost you less because it can be installed over existing roofing materials. As we have already mentioned, there are a number of advantages to metal roofing. One of the biggest advantages is the easy maintenance that comes with a metal roof. Too often, homeowners spend way too much money every year on asphalt shingle repairs. That won’t be the case with a metal roof. If you have been considering a metal roof, contact Greenco Construction Services. We are the experts you can rely on for quality service and reliable information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a standing seam metal roof worth the cost? 
    • While metal roofing, in general, is more expensive than traditional shingles, this roofing system has proven time and time again to be worth it. Metal roofs are easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to replace, all of which can save you quite a bit of money. 
  • What are the disadvantages of a metal roof? 
    • If metal roofing has been installed without insulation, there can be a number of disadvantages. Without that insulation, the roof can overheat making your home that much warmer. It can also be very noisy when rain or hail comes down. 
  • Do metal roofs add value to your home?
    • Yes, they do! Metal roofing adds significant value to a residential property. You’ll experience a significant in your property values while you own the home and greater potential returns when you do decide to sell. 
  • What does a standing metal roof cost? 
    • A typical roof will cost between $800 and $1,250 per square (one square is about 100sqft). That breaks down between $8 and $12.50 per square foot of standing seam metal roofing. 
  • What is the best metal roofing system?
    • For residential properties, by far the best metal roofing system is the standing seam metal roof. It is efficient, classic, and just looks great. This structure is easy to install and easy to maintain, making it a great pick. 
coating standing seam metal roof

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Is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

Using Pressure Washer to Remove Grime During Roof Washing Process

Refreshing and Restoring Any Roofing Structure

Is your roof look a little worse for wear? Are you thinking about replacing the whole thing but you haven’t decided yet? Before you make the decision to completely replace your residential or commercial roof, talk with Greenco Construction Services first. We can go over all your options, including cleaning and restoring your structure. This process is ideal for those that want to update their roof, but don’t want to spend a fortune. That’s because roof cleaning doesn’t completely strip the roofing material away. Instead, contractors use pressure washers and special soaps to thoroughly clean the material. They also repair any visible damage to help prevent future damage from occurring. If you are interested in a service like a roof washing in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, go ahead and give us a call. We’re available at 469-858-2448.

Cleaning Gutters as Part of Roof Washing Service

What is Roof Washing?

So what exactly is involved in roof washing? This a process that removes any presence of mold, lichen, mildew, algae, and more. Through the use of a pressure washer and special cleaners, roofing contractors can expertly remove any potential damaging items to reveal a cleaner and fresher appearing roof. Who would want this service? Anyone! Truly anyone with a residential or commercial property can benefit from a cleaning.

While the process sounds easy enough, it is highly recommended to rely on a professional roofer when you want a roof washing. Because we are working with pressurized water and, often, chemical-based cleanser, it is best to rely on the experts. Otherwise, you may risk damaging your roof and anything around your roof, like trees, plants and more.

Investing in services like this may seem over the top or like unnecessary expenses, but it honestly is not. Roof washing for homes that are closer to the coast, like a lot of the homes here in the greater Houston area, can really benefit from this. Our area is known for being unwaveringly humid. That humidity can quickly breed mold and mildew, especially after the heavy rains we tend to experience. To prevent that, and future damage, invest in roof washing. For more information, call Greenco Construction Services today at 469-858-2448.

Benefits of Roof Washing

Why would you want to invest in roof washing? For a whole host of reasons! Roof washing is an incredible service to invest in when you want your roof to look good all the time. Now, it’s not something that every single property needs. If you have a brand-new roof, then you won’t benefit much from these services. But older, well-maintained roofs can always benefit from a little extra attention.

  • Increased curb appeal: One of the most obvious benefits of roof washing is the increased curb appeal. Whether you are putting your home on the market or you just want a refreshed look, a professional roof washing will ensure your home and the homes around you see an increase in property value.
  • Increased longevity: Believe it or not washing your roof can help increase the longevity of the material. That’s because a complete cleaning will remove things like moss a lichen, which can cause material deterioration. In most washing packages, there are also repair services included that will help extend the life of your roof.
  • Keep warranty: Most residential, and even some commercial roofs have a warranty. If you’d like to keep that warranty, and possibly even extend it, then invest in roof washing. Doing so can prevent general wear and tear, which can discredit a roof from the warranty.
  • Cheaper: Overall, these services are cheaper than a complete roof replacement. While a roof washing will not completely repair your roof, if a replacement is not entirely necessary, then you can save some money.

Cleaning your roof isn’t something that should happen once in a blue moon. To see the best results, it is recommended that you schedule cleaning services about once every 18 months. So just around every 2 years. In between cleanings, make sure you are also scheduling regular inspections as well. Doing so will ensure you have a truly long-lasting roof. More than that, you’ll have a reliable and dependable roof for the entire time you are living there.

Roof Washing vs. Replacement

What is the difference between cleaning your roof and replacing it? A lot, actually. The most obvious difference is the price. Roof washing services are significantly cheaper than replacement services most of the time. Replacing a roof takes quite a bit of time, money, and resources. Washing a roof may still take quite a bit of time, there are less money and fewer resources involved. Especially when you find a reliable roofing company, like Greenco Construction Services, that knows what they are doing.

The reason you might choose to clean or restore your roof is that replacement might not actually be necessary. Too many roofers see minor damage and assume the worst, so they suggest replacement as a way to cover all the bases. Minor damage may be just that: minor. This means that replacing your roof will not only waste time and resources, but it will waste money. If you are curious to know your options, contact Greenco Construction Services today. We take pride in providing honest answers to all our clients.

Roof Washing Being Completed With a Pressure Washer

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